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Fresh 48

Everyone always says that the day their baby was born, was one of the best days of their lives. This is such a huge milestone for your family, and it deserves to be captured and portrayed beautifully by a professional photographer.

These sessions are done within 48 hours of a baby's birth, either in the hospital or where the baby is born. The focus of this session is the baby and/or family in a more natural setting using the blanket and hat provided by the hospital, close-up of the hands, feet, mouth, etc., mom and dad holding their new bundle of joy, introduction of siblings and various other natural poses.

BEFORE YOUR SESSION: I am on call the days and weeks surrounding your baby’s due date, and we will coordinate a time within those 48 hours for me to come and have your session in your postpartum room during daylight hours. I do pre-book these sessions if Mom is having a cesarean, but I know every baby is different, and they come when they will!

DURING YOUR SESSION: My approach with Fresh 48 sessions is to keep things as natural as possible. I will try and use natural light when possible, but will only use flash equipment if it is needed. These are not sessions where I bring props and backdrops or put baby in cute hats, these are exclusively journalistic images that are timeless for your whole family to treasure. My style is to keep things calm and comfortable. I want Mom and Dad to be relaxed and enjoy soaking in every minute with their new babies while I am there.

Will your face be puffy or the room dreary? Maybe it will, but I will do my best

to use the natural light to make your family look beautiful as you interact with this new little life you brought into this world.

SESSION INVESTMENT: Fresh 48 Sessions will last approximately 1 hour. 40 digitally edited images are included with the investment of $275. This includes traveling to a hospital within 30 miles of my location. An additional travel fee of $25 will be charged if hospital is over 30 miles away. You will be able to choose your images from an online gallery.

Photos will be primarily in Black and White and soft color images.

As soon as you decide that a Fresh 48 Session is right for you and your family, contact me as soon as possible. Having to be on call for each session means that I can only book a few each month.

Contact Dinah Sutton for more information at or by calling 239-265-3921

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