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Picture Perfect Location

When you find that PERFECT LOCATION for photos you want to start booking your clients right away to be able to utilize every inch of the location. Today I found the perfect location for Children's Photos. It is Raisin's Ranch in Alpharetta/Milton.

They have the most wonderful animals to share the love in your pictures...Crepe Myrtle's are in Full Bloom for an absolute beautiful background.

Children's Parties are fantastic, glorious memories for any little boy or girl. Christmas Photos, Easter Photos, any Birthday Celebration becomes Magical with Raisin Ranch Surroundings included in your photos.

Whether having a Birthday Celebration, Family or Individual photo session you won't be disappointed with everything they have to offer....AND I will be there to capture every minute of the fun and joy.

Rates for Photo Sessions at Raisin Ranch with Dinah Sutton Photography are based on the style Photo Session you are looking for. Individual animals can be rented at varying prices....The charge for the Animal Rental will be added to the Price of Your Photo Session.

Please visit Raisin Ranch's website to see what ALL they have to offer...

I look forward to working with you at this location in the future....Call TODAY to book YOUR SESSION with

Dinah Sutton Photography Big Canoe, Ga 1-239-265-3921

Subject: Raisin's Ranch

Photos below were captured from Raisin Ranch Facebook Page and are not Photos taken by Dinah Sutton Photography

All animals are provided with a handler to place the animal in the Shot for Us!

Not My Photo ..... I do however have a Carousel Horse and Unicorn for this style photo

Not My Photo

Crepe Myrtle in Bloom

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