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What the "Cell is Happening"?

In this day and age everybody has a cell phone. Just about anything and everything is caught "on camera". We panic as if we have lost a child when we can't find our phone. Been there done that. We want the latest and the greatest new phone out there and why not. We can run our businesses and for that matter most of our life from that one single piece of technology heaven.

Here is the problem with both pro's and con's of having clients, friends, etc bring their phones to a professional photo session.

As the photographer, I want your undivided attention. I want your eyes on my camera. Other people taking photos causes a distraction. You are, by the way, paying me to give you my undivided attention and to give you a product you will be proud to share with friends as gifts, to display in your homes and to also post on social media.

If I am using props for your session you can be assured that I have scoured the world for just the right ones to use during your session. If I can't find the right ones, I will make them. I want them to enhance your photos and look the way I envisioned them when preparing for your photo shoot. This is done through the way I set the scene, the way I set my camera, the lens I use and how I edit the photos.

We all want instant gratification and we want the world to see how adorable our baby, family or pet is and that is why I try to get a " Sneak Peek" up for you within 24 hours so you can share. The Senak Peek photos have my logo on them and it shouldn't be cropped out of the photo. It is also nice to link the "Sneak Peek" photos back to my FB page and my website. Referrals and happly clients are what helps build my business.

Ther other side of this situation is that yes, cell phone pics posted with behind the scenes pictures taken during the session may peek someone ekse's interest when they see it on your FB page. I get that..and some would say that is a good marketing strategy as well...

We all need a break from technology now and again so during your photo session with Dinah Sutton Photography, sit back, relax, smile, enjoy the moment and leave the shooting to me...thanks!

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