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"Shiver Me Timbers"

From this day forward, thousands of treasure seekers will be converging on Big Canoe, Ga in search of this buried treasure known to have been buried by this fearless and beardless Pirate who goes by the name of "Curly Locks". I know his name does not sound scarey but believe me you do not want to gamble on running into him on Lake Petit. Many home owners have reported hearing a strange sound echoing throughout Big Canoe that sounded at first like a very loud GRRRRRRR but at second notice it has now been identified as a very gruff sounding " Arggggghhhh Matie"! While taking pictures of "Curly Locks" we kept our distance as he brandished his sword. Approach with caution and don't get caught in one of the coves around the lake as there have been as you can see Pirate Sightings in Big Canoe, Ga. "Arggggghhh"!

I got so carried away I forgot to tell you that you too can have your little girl or guy take a trip back in time and experience the fun of being a pirate on the beach at Big Canoe, Ga...just contact me, the brave photographer who will risk life and limb to get the shots of your very own priate!

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